5 Benefits of Obtaining a Merchant Cash Advance

Are you a small business owner who is facing trouble getting access to required funding? Have you tried applying for loans through traditional credit channels but were unable to do so due to poor credit score? Are you concerned that unavailability of required funding option can force you to wind up your business?

If you silently nodded your head in approval to the above questions, you should not lose heart. For business owners facing similar situation like you, merchant cash advance can be the ideal solution to obtain funding for your business.  How? You should continue reading to find out the 5 value-added benefits of obtaining merchant cash advance to fund your business.

1. Instant Access to Cash

Merchant cash advance ensures instant access of cash required. You can get approval to the loan within 24 hours. On the contrary, the approval process of traditional loans is very time consuming. It can take weeks or months to get your loan approved.

With merchant cash advance, you can get immediate access to required funds without much of a hassle. This ensures that you fund your operation immediately that can prove invaluable for smooth operation of the business.

2. Minimum Paperwork Requirement

The second great benefit of merchant cash advance is that it involves minimum paperwork requirement. You don’t have to fill out many different forms or submit a lot of documents to obtain the loan. This also ensures fast processing of the loan application; thereby, saving considerable time of small business concerns.

3. Convenience Repayment Option

Another benefit of merchant cash advance is flexibility in repayment of the amount. With merchant cash advance, there is no strict repayment schedule. The repayment is linked with future revenues. This provides great convenience to small business concerns in paying back the cash advance. 

4. No Collateral Requirement

Merchant cash advance requires no collateral to obtain the funds. You don’t need to put your personal assets at stake to ensure repayment of the fund amount. So, your personal assets are protected in the eventful case of a default.

5. No Restrictions of Usage of Funds

Last but the most important benefit of merchant cash advance is that there is no restriction on usage of funds. This is unlike traditional loan where the lenders usually place restrictions over utilization of funds. With merchant cash advance, you can pay any of your expenses whether it relates to purchasing inventory, paying taxes, bills, salaries or other business related expenses.

Overall, merchant cash advance is the best funding option for small businesses. The strong point of merchant cash advance for small business owners is that it requires no collateral or high credit score to obtain the funds. Moreover, there is no restrictions as to how you to utilize the funds. On the whole, merchant cash advance is far better funding option as compared to traditional loans.

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