What are the Options for Funding a Medical Business When the Bank Says No?

The medical business has to conform to various codes, regulation, and laws that dictate how to practice. In addition, sometimes they have to face lawsuits due to medical malpractice claims that place a great financial burden on medical businesses. In such a situation, the last thing you need to worry about is cash flow problems.

Taking care of patients and ensuring that they receive the best treatment possible requires great amount of cash expenditure. Slow patient inflow, increasing cost of insurance, high utility charges, payroll costs, equipment costs; all of these create great financial strain for medical businesses.

The trouble is that finance is not easily available especially for small and startup medical businesses. Banks and other large financial institutions set strict criteria for obtaining the loans. It’s very difficult for small businesses including medical firms to obtain loans from traditional sources.

So, what are the options for small medical businesses to fund their operations when the bank says no?

You should not lose heart but consider Accountable Capital’s Healthcare Business Loans. The health care loans provided by Accountable Capital are the best option for small medical firms to get funding for their operations.

The healthcare business loans have lower rates, attractive repayment terms and condition, and require minimum paperwork for approval. Small business funding can help medical firms to gain instant access to cash that they can use to fund their operations.

The special medical industry loans provided by Accountable Capital are targeted to various kinds of medical business. The health care loans are perfect for medical firms related to the following medical practices.


•             Oncologists

•             Dermatologists

•             Oncologists

•             Dentists

•             Chiropractors

•             Optometrists

•             General Practitioners

•             Orthopedics

•             Gynecologists

•             Orthodontists

•             Podiatrists

•             Herbalists

•             General Practitioners

•             And many others            


Benefits of Accountable Capital Healthcare Loans

Accountable Capital’s Healthcare Loans provide various benefits for small medical firms. Training and equipment requirements take a large amount of capital for medical businesses. The equipment needs to be in perfect conditions as it could mean the difference between life and death of the patients. In such cases, instant access to cash is vital for medical businesses.

Healthcare providers can obtain healthcare Loans provided by Accountable Capital within 24 hours. There is no application fee, minimum paperwork, and instant approval of medical loans. The best thing for small medical firm is that they have flexible repayment option. Unlike traditional loans, the customized health care loans provided by Accountable Capital don’t have any strict repayment schedule. You can payback the loans at convenience when the revenues of the business start to pick up.

Summing up, medical businesses can gain a lot from Accountable Capital’s healthcare loans. The funding option will greatly help in easing financial burden of small and startup medical businesses.

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